Jesus has the power to heal

Crisis Coaching

Healing from triggers, recovery from shame. Safe places to gain stability.


Faith-based sober communities with edifying, fun activities.


  • “[7 Bells] made a huge impact in my life. [Wendy was] running the women’s sober living home that I used to own. I watched her work with those women…the amount of time, energy and love she showed them was amazing. Whether doing well or struggling, she showed them only love and compassion and led them in making their futures better.”
  • “I have rarely met another human being who has been so dedicated to saving the lost as Wendy is…She is relentless in sharing hope. Wendy is 100% on, day and night…she is a lighthouse.”
    Chaplain, Shakopee Prison
  • “I am blessed to have [Wendy] as my spiritual guide…she has helped me completely break free of my past trauma and…religious abuse and helped me get closer to Christ than ever before. Fearlessness, honesty, loyalty, selflessness, non-judgment, LOVE and understanding are some of the qualities I respect most about Wendy….[she helped me] get free from the slavery of addiction permanently.”
  • “I met Wendy at teen challenge my brother told me that she is a miracle worker. i was shy to say hi but once i did she sat down with me and talked to me like i was a person not a number not like she was better…that was so heart-warming…she said i was very special to her…at the time she didn’t know how much that meant to me…she healed me. work threw so many issues that i faced mentally and spiritually. Wendy will truly listen to you and she has the biggest heart for you too..”

At 7 Bells, we draw from, and embrace, our own fears, failures and heartbreak as a source of compassion and strength for those who have lost their way. We will climb into their darkness with them and be the light they need to lead them out and into their own place of strength and purpose.

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We need a house or apartment to rent for 4 women right now! I have many women needing immediate housing. 7 Bells will fully manage the tenants.